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Intern abroad

Whether you are studying in a university undergraduate program or obtaining a distance learning MBA, interning abroad will give you the experience of a lifetime. You can find a variety of internships abroad in countries you are interested in by using drop-down menus and by browsing our website. Even if you don't find the specific intern abroad program that you are looking for on our website, just send us an email and we will search for you, free of charge. Most of the internships overseas listed on Link To Diversity are for college and university students as well as recent graduates, but if you are a working professional we will help you find the right international internship that suits you best. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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  Tourism and Travel Internships in China

            If you’re interested in the tourism and travel industry, chances are that you already like to travel. Why not experience the tourism and travel industry from a more international perspective in China? There you can observe the changes China’s tourist industry has undergone since it became less restricted in the 1970s and how China’s tourist industry today is influencing the industry internationally.

  Legal Internships in China

Law internships abroad can provide a number of opportunities to examine many components of the legal system. From the effect that history and tradition have upon a country’s legal system to the importance of the legal system within the global community, studying law abroad will give you a more in-depth understanding of what affects law and how law systems are formed throughout the world.

  Business Internships Abroad in China

China's thriving business markets can provide some of the best experience for anyone seeking to learn more about the business sector. Interesting in a variety of areas or Chinese business can significantly help you form a better understanding of the business sector as you gain valuable experience.

  Marketing Internship in China

For its paid internship abroad position, the company seeks a capable, motivated individual to assist the marketing manager in the design and promotion of the company website. The marketing intern will aim to establish and expand business abroad for the company. This paid internship abroad requires excellent communication, analytical skills, time management, as well as a solid background in marketing and sales.

  Intern Abroad in China - Hotel Internship

The hotel is offering paid internships abroad in several different areas. All individuals in our paid internship abroad program must have excellent English skills and be comfortable communicating with high-profile individuals, such as government embassy officials and Fortune 500 executives.

  Intern Abroad in China - Trip Adviser

Our intern abroad positions offer a great learning experience and an opportunity to gain new skills. Individuals who intern abroad with us will perform various duties, such as estimating the staff's English proficiency level, as well as providing occasional language testing. The intern's personal suggestions will be valued in designing new tour routes. The intern will also participate in editing and revising advertisements and other promotional texts.

  Intern Abroad in China - Solar Energy Internship

Individuals who intern abroad with this company will work in Beijing with an English-speaking Chinese team to develop new accounts and contacts for both commercial and residential areas. The  intern abroad participant will be responsible for tasks such as making phone calls to manager, agencies, and clients located worldwide. The target market includes Southeast Asia and much of Europe.

  Intern Abroad in China - Sales Intern for Green Plastics Company

This intern abroad position requires the participant to perform various sales-related tasks. The intern abroad candidate will work as part of an international team and will focus on sales in the global market. The intern will work with the management team to identify all target markets, and will the develop products and sales procedures while scoping out new potential customers.

  Intern Abroad in China - Real Estate Internship

The intern abroad candidate will become part of a friendly, close-knit team to enhance business development in the field of real estate. The intern will carry out tasks such as making phone calls, responding to e-mails, and data entry. The intern abroad participant will also be responsible for handling marketing and advertising tasks, sales, and creating long-term partnerships with embassies and other companies.

  Medical Internship Abroad in Nepal with MICATZ

A vast number of Nepalese people, especially women and children, lack access to basic medical care. Volunteering or participating in an internship abroad is a great way to provide medical services to thousands in need, and to help alleviate much unneeded suffering. Additionally, you will gain firsthand experience and knowledge about basic healthcare in an impoverished third-world country. Medical internships abroad and volunteer positions in Nepal are available to practicing professionals, as well as medical and nursing students. Placements are also available for pre-med students. Programs are custom-tailored and can accommodate your specific interests or areas of expertise.


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