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Whether you are studying in a university undergraduate program or obtaining a distance learning MBA, interning abroad will give you the experience of a lifetime. You can find a variety of internships abroad in countries you are interested in by using drop-down menus and by browsing our website. Even if you don't find the specific intern abroad program that you are looking for on our website, just send us an email and we will search for you, free of charge. Most of the internships overseas listed on Link To Diversity are for college and university students as well as recent graduates, but if you are a working professional we will help you find the right international internship that suits you best. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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  Internship Overseas in Bolivia

An internship overseas is a great way to gain experience and a fresh perspective if you are a student or recent graduate, and a fantastic way to prepare for a career overseas. Internships are available in many diverse fields, so nearly everyone can find something appropriate for them. Contact us today and let us know what we can do to create your ideal, totally personalized internship experience. Stand out from the crowd and make a difference in the world!

  Medical and Healthcare Internship in Fiji with Projects Abroad

If you are in medical school and are looking for a unique experience to bolster your education, consider a medical internship abroad. Not only will it look great on your resume and put you ahead of your peers, but it will really give you the opportunity of a lifetime. Consider interning in Fiji, where you will get a chance to work directly with patients, and be mentored by highly skilled doctors and nurses.

  Law and Human Rights Internship in South Africa with Projects Abroad

South Africa has great internship opportunities relating to the field of law, and in particular human rights. The political climate and recent history of South Africa give rise to a very unique and relevant internship setting. Through your hard work and dedication, not only will you be about to glimpse deeper into the social infrastructure of the nation and learn more than you can imagine, but you will also impact the community and help to provide social change.

  International Business Internship in Mongolia with Projects Abroad

Mongolia has been very remote and isolated for thousands of years. Since 1990, though, it has been rapidly changing and modernizing. Having adopted democratic policies, Mongolia is looking to advance economically and become more connected with the rest of the world. Now is definitely the time to partake in an international business internship abroad!

  Human Rights Internship in Mongolia with Projects Abroad

If you’re a law student looking for some unique real-world experience, Mongolia is the place to be! You have the option of participating in a Law and Human Rights internship abroad, which will be rigorous, fast-paced, and extremely relevant.  While honing your law skills, you will also be assisting many people and improving their lives.

  Medical Internship in Mongolia with Projects Abroad

This Medicine and Healthcare internship abroad in Mongolia will offer you a unique experience different from any experience you could get at home. You will have the opportunity to work with people of much different backgrounds than your own, face different conditions, and deal with fewer resources. It is a great way not only to see how medicine is practiced in a more remote part of the world, but also to help doctors give patients the care they need.

  Law and Human Rights Internship in Ghana with Projects Abroad

This is a perfect opportunity to participate in a Human Rights internship abroad in Accra, the capital of Ghana. Work on social campaigns to educate communities and individuals at risk about law and human rights, resolve conflicts, and consult individuals seeking legal help. Deal with such issues as poverty and abuse, bring your expertise and gain experience abroad!

  Medicine and Healthcare Internship Abroad in Ethiopia with Projects Abroad

Medicine & Healthcare internship abroad in Ethiopia is a great opportunity for medical students to get hands on experience in the field of their study. While interning, you will work with doctors, nurses and fellow interns like you from all over the world. This is a great chance to make a differnce, while at the same time improving your professional skills.

  Medical and Healthcare Internship in Ghana with Projects Abroad

If you are a current medical student, recent grad who is applying to med school, or even an active healthcare professional that is looking to participate in a Medical Internship Abroad, then Ghana is the place to be! Choose to work in a busy city hospital in Accra or a more rural clinic in Akuapem Hills treating real patients with a variety of medical conditions and illnesses…

  Intern Abroad in Nepal-Administrative work with VolNepal

If you have business, marketing, PR, writing or any other skills that you would like to put to work and help make a difference, then you should consider interning abroad as Administrative worker at VolNepal's office right here in Nepal! Help us grow, promote our programs and attract more volunteers and partners, grow both personally and professionally, and help us make the world a better place!


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