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Whether you are studying in a university undergraduate program or obtaining a distance learning MBA, interning abroad will give you the experience of a lifetime. You can find a variety of internships abroad in countries you are interested in by using drop-down menus and by browsing our website. Even if you don't find the specific intern abroad program that you are looking for on our website, just send us an email and we will search for you, free of charge. Most of the internships overseas listed on Link To Diversity are for college and university students as well as recent graduates, but if you are a working professional we will help you find the right international internship that suits you best. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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  Intern Abroad in Costa Rica - Medical Clinic Work

This intern abroad opportunity in Costa Rica is a great opportunity for medical students to see first hand what it takes to be a professional in their field. While in Costa Rica, besides learning the trade of medicine, you will have a chance to discover a new culture and improve your Spanish language skills!

  Intern Abroad in Chile - Nursing Work

This nursing internship abroad in Chile is a great opportunity for medical students to get some first hand experience in the field of medicine. If you have some medical background, this internship is for you! While staying in Chile, you will have the opportunity to discover a new culture, as well as improve your Spanish language skills.

  Intern Abroad in Spain - Administration Work

Internship abroad in Spain is a great way to gain valuable international experience, as well as to improve your Spanish language skills. Meeting new people, while immersing yourself into the Spanish culture is all part of this amazing internship. If you are interested in an Education or Administrative field of work, this program is a must!

  Intern Abroad in Madrid, Spain - Law Internship

This is one of a kind internship abroad opportunities that you can not miss if you have some Spanish background and striving for a career in Law. Work for a law firm in Madrid, the capital of Spain, get a chance to interact with your Spanish counterparts! This international experience will be enormous stepping stone to a successful career!

  Intern Abroad in Barcelona, Spain - Graphic Design Internship

Barcelona is a majestic place for your internship abroad endeavor! Your stay in Spain will be full of unforgettable memories! Not only you can gain valuable experience in your area of expertise while improving your Spanish skills, you can also explore the rich culture and history of this beautifu city of Barcelona! Don't miss this once in a lifetime internship opportunity!

  Intern Abroad in Seville, Spain - Marketing Internship

Internship abroad in Seville, Spain is a great opportunity to not only improve your language speaking skills, but also gain valuable work experience in your chosen sector! The time you will spend abroad will enable you to learn about a new culture and meet interesting people!

  International Internship in Spain with Don Quijote

We are inviting every student to participate in this unique International internship in Spain with don Quijote and gain valuable experience in your area of expertise. Get a chance to work alongside native speakers of Spanish language, immerse into Spanish culture and meet new people from all over the world! This is a great time to also explore the beauty of Barcelona, Madrid, Salamanca and other Spanish cities rich of art and history! International internships is something to add to your resume and stand out of the crowd, this might be your chance!

  Intern Abroad in Spain - International Business

If you ever dreamed of interning abroad and experiencing international work setting, then this internship abroad in Spain is right for you! This internship focuses on cultural immersion and language training to create an opportunity for every student to experience local culture and become one of the locals. Gain needed skills in international business, learn Spanish, and travel Spain!

  Volunteer Abroad in Russia - Teach English Abroad in a local school with RCCE

If you have what it takes to teach English abroad then this intern abroad program is right for you! This program abroad takes place in a local school in Nizhniy Novgorod and is aimed at helping kids and youth improve their English language skills by engaging in direct contact with foreign and international students who come to visit this voluntary project abroad in Russia. Be one of them and help make a difference while adding to your experience!

  Intern Abroad in Brazil - Computer Lab Teacher with Peabiru Experience

Intern Abroad in Brazil with Peabiru Experience as a computer lab teacher and help keep children off the streets! International Interns will work directly local children and youth educate them about use of computer and its applications. Add to your experience as a teacher abroad, and help make a difference by providing computer education that is so important these days!


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