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Whether you are studying in a university undergraduate program or obtaining a distance learning MBA, interning abroad will give you the experience of a lifetime. You can find a variety of internships abroad in countries you are interested in by using drop-down menus and by browsing our website. Even if you don't find the specific intern abroad program that you are looking for on our website, just send us an email and we will search for you, free of charge. Most of the internships overseas listed on Link To Diversity are for college and university students as well as recent graduates, but if you are a working professional we will help you find the right international internship that suits you best. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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  Intern Abroad in China - Sales and Marketing Representative

This internship overseas opportunity will allow the intern to acquire and apply marketing skills in a plethora of different environments, and will really allow them to develop skills across a broad array of fields. In this internship overseas position, the intern will be responsible for both selling and purchasing products across the globe.

  Intern Abroad in China - Quality Control Assistant in an International Bank

Intern Abroad in China and work for at one of the International Banks in China! Gain priceless experience by working side by side with your Chinese peers and well experienced professionals. This is a great way to jumpstart your career and get to know an amazing Chinese culture up close!

  Intern Abroad as a PHP Programmer in China

This internship opportunity provides an excellent chance for students to deepen their knowledge in the field of programming while interacting in an internationally diverse work setting. The intern will be developing several features for, and will need to have knowledge of functional design, testing, and proper documentation. Great chance to discover the best of what China has to offer!

  Law Internship Abroad in China

For future lawyers this program is a must! If you are planning to work with clients who are doing business globally which in today's world is everybody, you will gain a great deal from participating in this internship. Getting to know China firsthand is an amazing way to spend a few months abroad while improving your skills!

  Intern Abroad in China as a Financial Analyst

This internship opportunity is a great way to get some great exposure to international finance and financial analysis work. With so much work being done with Chinese companies, this internship placement will help you be more prepared for the real world and will help immensly in your young career!

  Intern Abroad in China - English Trainer Work

Intern abroad in China and have the opportunity to interact with diverse community and help others improve their English skills. The company is offering an internship abroad position to a motivated individual who can assist and train staff in English proficiency. Discover China for yourself in beautiful Beijing!

  Business Development Internship in China

Business Development internship in China is a great way for business undergrads to discover what it is like to promote different brands from the other side of the world. The skills acquired in China will be highly valued by your future employees! This is a great way to get a head start on your peers!

  Intern Abroad in China as a Communication Assistant Officer

Interning abroad delivers a unique cultural experience in a completely novel setting. An internship overseas in China would allow you the opportunity not only to soak in the culture, but to perhaps experience the monumental wonder that is the Great Wall, visit the Forbidden City, bask in the beauty of the countryside, and whatever else strikes your fancy. The possibilities are practically endless. You have the opportunity to shape your internship abroad into the ideal experience.

  Architecture and Landscape Designer Internship in China

If you are planning a career in Architecture or Landscaping you should consider this great opportunity to lear your trade firsthandedly from the professionals all the way in China! By participating in this program you will gain valuable experience on how Chinese mastered the art of Architecture, which might definitely bring something new to your own vision!

  Intern Abroad in China - Architecture Work with Get in2 China

Learn about architecture and design by enrolling in this intern abroad program today! Architecture interns will work closely with experienced architects and gain valuable experience. This internship abroad will take place in Beijing, China and will be a positive selling point on every student’s resume!


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