Experience and Adventure Interning Abroad!

Looking for an internship but don’t know where to turn? It’s time to consider an international internship!

Internships provide invaluable experience for college students and recent graduates before they head into the workforce, giving them a leg up over their peers. However, finding an internship program locally or even nationally that fits your interests and skills can be difficult, and you’ll more than likely find yourself settling for an internship that doesn’t apply to your major or future. With the doors wide open, interns abroad have a plethora of international internships and cultures to choose from instead of being limited to only national organizations.

Instead of trapping yourself in a cubicle doing mundane tasks, interning abroad opens up more opportunities for you to get hands on experience! Why? While the United States is in an economic slump, many developing countries are expanding rapidly in all areas of business, arts, and commerce and need international interns to come work for them. As an English speaker, interning abroad with a foreign company will help them compete in a global market as they strive to compete with their peers. They want you!

Interns abroad will get hands-on experience that you may not receive if you intern locally or for a large corporate company. Many businesses and organizations abroad are smaller-scaled and look for interns who are multi-faceted and able to handle many aspects of work. You will take on a variety of different tasks instead of working in a specific department or under a specific head, giving you the well-rounded knowledge you need to enter the workforce. These programs won’t reduce your skills to mere paperwork and coffee runs! International internships give you the opportunity to shine and show what you’re worth by giving you more responsibility. With more responsibility you will gain more experience, making you a more desirable candidate in the future for jobs.

In addition to gaining work experience, interning abroad provides an invaluable multi-cultural experience. If you’ve studied a foreign language, an international internship is the perfect opportunity to show off what you’ve learned and to practice and refine your skills. While many businesses and organizations abroad have English-speaking employees, they enjoy working with students and interns who take an active interest in their language and culture. Partaking in a new culture as an intern abroad will widen your perspective in all aspects of life. Simply being in a new environment will expand your ways of thinking and provide opportunities of fun and adventure!

And of course, interning abroad will make you a more desirable candidate for hire to companies back home. Just as businesses in foreign countries are competing internationally, companies in the United States are also working to survive in a world market, especially as more foreign countries are rising to meet the demands of the global consumer such as Japan and China. Nothing is more desirable for a global competitor than an employee who has first-hand experience working internationally. Your understanding and knowledge will make you an attractive applicant and an asset to your place of work.

With all the benefits of an international internship, it’s hard to consider a better option than being an intern abroad. You will get hands-on know-how in a field of study you love and get a new cultural perspective, preparing you to work in a global society. The perfect internship is waiting for you!

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Top 10 Reasons to do an Internship Abroad

As a modern-day student, you know how important internships are to professional development. Internships allow you to work for a limited amount of time in a field of interest, gaining valuable experience and networking as you build up your resume. There are plenty of internships available in the United States, but why limit yourself? An internship abroad can allow you to live in a different country as you gain valuable experience.

While you may accrue additional costs interning abroad, we consider it to be a worthwhile investment of your time and resources.

Below is a list of our top ten reasons of why you should choose to do an internship abroad.

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Dreams of financing my study abroad experience were made possible with FAFSA!

I have always dreamt of traveling to Australia to explore the rich cultural diversity, amazing land and seascapes, and the exotic wildlife; as a full-time student who is paying for college on my own, I never thought I’d be able to afford it. Want to know how I was able to finance my semester abroad? Continue reading

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Be like Charlie–fill your free time and resume by volunteering with children!

Meet Charlie. Charlie is a college student, just like you. He grew up in an average, middle class home in the Midwest. He’s had his share of hurdles, but on the whole, life has been good to Charlie. And lucky Charlie gets to study his favorite subject, history, so he can be a teacher.

Well, now, halfway through his second year of school, Charlie realizes it’s probably a good idea to build up his resume—the job market is pretty tough. But how can he do that? Internships can be hard to come by, especially for underclassmen, and he really wants work that will simultaneously make him an appealing candidate, let him build some relevant skills, and allow him to have fun.

Charlie’s roommate’s girlfriend, Emma, gives him the answer he’s been looking for.

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Study abroad in beautiful, lively Madrid for the experience of a lifetime!

Do you like nightlife? Sports? Art? Travel? How about fun? If you answered yes to any of those questions, than Madrid is the place to do your study abroad! Study abroad is all about having an experience that you can’t have back home. Doing something different. Learning something new. Madrid, as a thriving metropolis offers all of the above and more.

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Volunteering abroad allows you to make a difference during your travels!

You want to travel abroad, but you also want to have a purpose for going: you want to make a difference. You should join a program for volunteering abroad.

The great thing about volunteering abroad is that you can do just about anything, for any length of time, anywhere in the world, and you’ll still have a life-changing, world-rocking kind of experience. Before you pick up and go, though, let us help you get on the right track regarding all the nit-picky details.

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What students say about volunteer abroad programs?

“I never thought that I would ever even consider to volunteer abroad until my cousin called me one day and told me about her experience in Peru. She sent me pictures from her trip and shared numerous stories and moments she experienced with the locals. Her excitement and enthusiasm made me want to volunteer abroad and experience her emotions. I also wanted to improve my Spanish since I am minoring in it at my university and participating in a volunteer abroad program in Latin America made it even more appealing to me. I chose to volunteer with an NGO that helps local women in a variety of different ways. I had an incredible experience working with local women and their children. This NGO helps them by landing micro-loans and offering childcare services so women can work during the day to be able to make a living. I’ve met women who sell at local markets things they make with their hands and produce they grow in their gardens. I really felt like I was making a difference in their lives and would recommend everyone to volunteer abroad!” – Christina, University of South Carolina Continue reading

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Volunteer Abroad in Africa and make a difference!

volunteering overseasAfrica is a fascinating continent that draws tourists, international organizations, human rights groups, activists, evangelists and of course international volunteers from all over the world. The variety of projects available in Africa is enormous. A professional in virtually any field can find a right volunteer abroad program in no time. No matter what your interest is, Africa is a great destination to come make a difference, learn new culture and get international experience.

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Looking for international experience? Explore internships abroad! Read on…

Every student, no matter what major he or she is, wants to gain experience in their field of study. Nevertheless, every student almost needs an internship to get at least some idea about the actual “practical” side of their studies and thus internship is almost a must to have. A lot of students look for basically any kind of internship they can get. Some are so desperate for an internship that they would accept the first offer they get not weighing out the opportunities and other possibilities out there. Continue reading

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Gain more international experience by exploring internships abroad in China!

intern abroad

China is a fascinating country for any foreigner to visit. It is rich in history and culture, it is vibrant and exciting,  and it’s just fundamentally different from the West which seems to be the reason why it draws so many tourists and visitors from other countries. It’s rapidly growing and fast-paced economy makes China a perfect destination for anyone looking to gain more international experience in their field of interest. There is a variety of internships abroad to choose from. No matter what your field of study is, China can offer some of the best internships you can ask for. Continue reading

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Get Hands On International Experience and Make a Difference by Participating in Human Rights Internship Abroad!

Internships in South Africa

If you are an Anthropology, Global Studies, Gender Studies, Economics, International Relations, Ethnic Studies, Law, Policy and Politics, Psychology or Sociology or any other Social studies student who is not sure what you want to do with your future, not sure what kind of a career to pursue, where to go and what to do after you graduate but you know that you are looking to pursue a career in something meaningful, in something that changes other people’s lives, then a Human Rights internship abroad is a perfect program to consider.

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Volunteer Abroad in Maldives-The Ultimate Paradise for every Traveler!

Maldives is a fascinating place which cannot be called anything else but a Paradise. It is one of the most famous getaway places for stars from all over the world. Coupled with beautiful beaches and almost inhabitant islands, Maldives offers a wide variety of volunteer abroad programs. None of these volunteer projects require any extraordinary skills or knowledge so almost anybody can participate and contribute to making a world a better place. It really doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, American or Italian, retired or a student at a university, there is always volunteer work for you to get involved in and Maldives happens to be a perfect place for that! Continue reading

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Want to escape your daily life? Explore volunteer abroad opportunities to get away!

A lot of students, retired professionals, and families are looking for ways to escape their daily lives. Volunteer abroad opportunities offer not only the chance to escape daily life, but they also offer you the chance to bring meaning to your time abroad and give you a personal, interactive experience you will never forget. Continue reading

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Help promote a better future by participating in volunteer orphanage abroad programs!

Children are our future. Both children at home and children abroad. If we are not taking care of them, we are not taking care of our future. A lot of the children have parents who take care and provide for their everyday needs, but there are also millions of homeless and neglected children. Many of these children end up in the streets and the only place that will accept and cherish them is an orphanage home. Often times, orphanages in developed countries struggle to get aid and support, even in countries like the United States and England, but what about orphans in developing countries? Continue reading

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Have you ever considered summer volunteer abroad programs? What is stopping you?

Every year, people of all backgrounds and areas of expertise volunteer their time to aid people in need around the world. Whether you are a student, family, or a professional looking for a unique volunteer experience, you may have some basic questions before committing to a volunteer abroad program.

  • Can I really take that much time off from work or school?
  • How much will it cost? Is there a way to get financing?
  • What if I don’t speak the language? Can I still volunteer?
  • I don’t have an advanced education. Can I still be a helpful volunteer? Continue reading
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