Experience and Adventure Interning Abroad!

Looking for an internship but don’t know where to turn? It’s time to consider an international internship!

Internships provide invaluable experience for college students and recent graduates before they head into the workforce, giving them a leg up over their peers. However, finding an internship program locally or even nationally that fits your interests and skills can be difficult, and you’ll more than likely find yourself settling for an internship that doesn’t apply to your major or future. With the doors wide open, interns abroad have a plethora of international internships and cultures to choose from instead of being limited to only national organizations.

Instead of trapping yourself in a cubicle doing mundane tasks, interning abroad opens up more opportunities for you to get hands on experience! Why? While the United States is in an economic slump, many developing countries are expanding rapidly in all areas of business, arts, and commerce and need international interns to come work for them. As an English speaker, interning abroad with a foreign company will help them compete in a global market as they strive to compete with their peers. They want you!

Interns abroad will get hands-on experience that you may not receive if you intern locally or for a large corporate company. Many businesses and organizations abroad are smaller-scaled and look for interns who are multi-faceted and able to handle many aspects of work. You will take on a variety of different tasks instead of working in a specific department or under a specific head, giving you the well-rounded knowledge you need to enter the workforce. These programs won’t reduce your skills to mere paperwork and coffee runs! International internships give you the opportunity to shine and show what you’re worth by giving you more responsibility. With more responsibility you will gain more experience, making you a more desirable candidate in the future for jobs.

In addition to gaining work experience, interning abroad provides an invaluable multi-cultural experience. If you’ve studied a foreign language, an international internship is the perfect opportunity to show off what you’ve learned and to practice and refine your skills. While many businesses and organizations abroad have English-speaking employees, they enjoy working with students and interns who take an active interest in their language and culture. Partaking in a new culture as an intern abroad will widen your perspective in all aspects of life. Simply being in a new environment will expand your ways of thinking and provide opportunities of fun and adventure!

And of course, interning abroad will make you a more desirable candidate for hire to companies back home. Just as businesses in foreign countries are competing internationally, companies in the United States are also working to survive in a world market, especially as more foreign countries are rising to meet the demands of the global consumer such as Japan and China. Nothing is more desirable for a global competitor than an employee who has first-hand experience working internationally. Your understanding and knowledge will make you an attractive applicant and an asset to your place of work.

With all the benefits of an international internship, it’s hard to consider a better option than being an intern abroad. You will get hands-on know-how in a field of study you love and get a new cultural perspective, preparing you to work in a global society. The perfect internship is waiting for you!

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