Gain more international experience by exploring internships abroad in China!

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China is a fascinating country for any foreigner to visit. It is rich in history and culture, it is vibrant and exciting,  and it’s just fundamentally different from the West which seems to be the reason why it draws so many tourists and visitors from other countries. It’s rapidly growing and fast-paced economy makes China a perfect destination for anyone looking to gain more international experience in their field of interest. There is a variety of internships abroad to choose from. No matter what your field of study is, China can offer some of the best internships you can ask for.

Check out some of the internships abroad in China offered at this time:

Architecture Internship

This internship is becoming very popular among Architecture students because China is developing its infrastructure at a fast rate and outsources a lot of companies from overseas for various construction projects. English speaking interns/workers are needed to effectively help the companies achieve their goals and communicate with foreign professionals. Learn more about Architecture intern abroad program by filling out a “Request More Info” form on a program listing.

Business/Finance Internship

If you are a Business/Finance student, then China is the place to be! Because of increase in international trade, China has a lot of opportunities for English speaking professionals especially in areas such as Sales, Customer Service, Finance and Banking. So come on intern abroad in China and gain hands on experience that you won’t find anywhere else!

English Trainer Internship/Teach English in China

China is in need of English speaking professionals to be able to support its economic growth. China has highly skilled workers, however, their lack of knowledge of English language disables them from working in international environment which requires a lot of interaction with Western countries. English trainers are needed to train Chinese workers and help them learn English. If you are pursuing a career or education as English as Second Language Teacher, than China is the best place for you to intern abroad. You will gain both experience and confidence after you complete your internship.

Solar and Renewable Energy Internship Abroad

With the fear of future supply shortages of crude oils and other non-renewable energy sources, Alternative Green and renewable energy inventions has recently made a lot of buzz in the news and became a hot industry to be in. To reduce their energy costs, CO2 emissions, and dependability on oil, countries began investing more and more in alternatives such as wind mills, solar panels and fuel cells, and China happens to be one the countries investing in the future. Nevertheless, China is also one of the world’s leading manufacturers of such products thus it is a perfect place for any student to participate in a Solar and Renewable Energy Internship Abroad.

There are numerous opportunities for students and working professionals in China, so check out all of them and don’t be afraid to “Request More Info” if you want to learn more about opportunities offered, we are here to help you find a perfect internship abroad that suits your interest and experience best!

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4 Responses to Gain more international experience by exploring internships abroad in China!

  1. Jenny says:

    Do you have fashion internship abroad available? I am a graduating designer from UCLA..let me know



    • admin says:

      Hi Jenny,

      We can certainly help you find Fashion internship abroad. What country are you most interested in?

      Link To Diversity Team

  2. Do u have space for a sociology student abroad to do my internship

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