Get Hands On International Experience and Make a Difference by Participating in Human Rights Internship Abroad!

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If you are an Anthropology, Global Studies, Gender Studies, Economics, International Relations, Ethnic Studies, Law, Policy and Politics, Psychology or Sociology or any other Social studies student who is not sure what you want to do with your future, not sure what kind of a career to pursue, where to go and what to do after you graduate but you know that you are looking to pursue a career in something meaningful, in something that changes other people’s lives, then a Human Rights internship abroad is a perfect program to consider.

For some reason, a lot of Social Studies students are not sure what they will become. Maybe the idea that Social Studies is “lame” and will not get you anywhere and the idea that you don’t even know what kind of a job to look for scares you and maybe you are even considering of double-majoring or going back to school…Don’t worry, there are a lot of students like you and the best thing is, there are tons of opportunities for you out there. There thousands of non-profits and NGO’s who recruit students and professionals who have social studies back grounds. If you really want to gain experience in something that might absolutely blow your mind away and set a clear path for your future, then going overseas to participate in a Human Rights internship abroad would be one of the smartest things to do while you are in college or upon graduation.

There are numerous organizations all over the world that deal with Human Rights, gender issues, child protection, economic development and various community assistance projects. Such organizations exist in every single country and all of them are working towards a common goal – to make a world a better place, to- reduce poverty, to promote education and economic development and you can become a part of this effort and work side-by-side with these professionals. Human Right internship abroad gives you an opportunity to get involved in a variety of different projects depending on your area of interest. If you are more interested in gender studies, then Women Assistance project will be right for you. If you really want to work with cases that involve children and youth, then there are a lot of youth development and child protection projects you can get involved in.

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  1. Am a sociology student in Sierraleone am interested to do my internship in china.

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