Volunteer Abroad in Africa and make a difference!

volunteering overseasAfrica is a fascinating continent that draws tourists, international organizations, human rights groups, activists, evangelists and of course international volunteers from all over the world. The variety of projects available in Africa is enormous. A professional in virtually any field can find a right volunteer abroad program in no time. No matter what your interest is, Africa is a great destination to come make a difference, learn new culture and get international experience.

Due to lack of resources, unfavorable weather conditions and low economic activity, Africa is struggling to develop and provide for its people. Local NGO’s and charitable organizations realized the need for international volunteers and set up volunteer abroad programs for Westerners to participate in and help African communities.

The variety of volunteer programs in Africa range anywhere from Community Development, to Healthcare and Orphanage Assistance. No matter what your major or profession is, Africa has enough work for you. If you are someone who wants to become a teacher, you can teach English at local schools and orphanages. You can also teach other subjects like math, arts and history to gain valuable hands on experience that you wont get anywhere else. If you already teach in your home country, come share your expertise and knowledge with local teachers and help them improve their teaching skills.

If you are a medical student, come volunteer abroad on Healthcare Assistance program and learn about the health problems and issues developing countries face. Teach children basic sanitation and educate communities about AIDS. Educate the youth about AIDS and how to prevent the spread of it. If you are a working Healthcare professional in your home country, then come work at local hospitals, shadow doctors and share your expertise and knowledge. Teach about Healthcare system in your home country and give your advice.

If you are someone who is studying Kinesiology or Sports Medicine or anything else related with Sports, Africa is a perfect spot for you to gain experience in sports training. Every year Africa raises world class athletes especially in sports like soccer and running. Come join local soccer teams and help them train and get better. Work together with local youth through Youth Development volunteer abroad program and help them gain confidence, become strong and gain more skills. Be the one to help these children to fall in love with sports and live healthy lifestyles. Also, come and promote healthy lifestyles to the older members of the community and help them live longer and better lives.

As you can see, there are tons of volunteer abroad opportunities for you to join and there is also a lot of work to be done. Come help make a difference and have one of the best times of your life!

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