What students say about volunteer abroad programs?

“I never thought that I would ever even consider to volunteer abroad until my cousin called me one day and told me about her experience in Peru. She sent me pictures from her trip and shared numerous stories and moments she experienced with the locals. Her excitement and enthusiasm made me want to volunteer abroad and experience her emotions. I also wanted to improve my Spanish since I am minoring in it at my university and participating in a volunteer abroad program in Latin America made it even more appealing to me. I chose to volunteer with an NGO that helps local women in a variety of different ways. I had an incredible experience working with local women and their children. This NGO helps them by landing micro-loans and offering childcare services so women can work during the day to be able to make a living. I’ve met women who sell at local markets things they make with their hands and produce they grow in their gardens. I really felt like I was making a difference in their lives and would recommend everyone to volunteer abroad!” – Christina, University of South Carolina“I have always volunteered in my community, at various church events, fund raisers and other places like shelters and youth centers. I was making a lot of impact on my community but one day I thought to myself – what if I go overseas and contribute my time and make a difference in a country that I have never been to, in a community that I have no relations to? I began researching and looking for the right program and finally I found an orphanage in Ghana that made me want to visit and work with the children. It was a very emotional journey for me and I had a blast. All the children were absolutely adorable and fun to be around. They were excited about the littlest things that children in US would never get excited about. It made me realize how much we take for granted and I came back a different person. This volunteer abroad trip made me look at my life differently and begin to appreciate all I have more than ever…” – Carolyn, UCLA

“I have never done any volunteer work before I went abroad, not even at my church or school. I was enjoying my spring break with my friend in Ecuador and we met two volunteers from Canada one night when we all were having fun at a local bar in Quito. We had a blast and we decided to meet up next morning to get to know each other a little better. These two volunteers began talking about why they came to Ecuador and me and my friend were simply astonished. We weren’t even aware that programs like that exist and next we know, we enroll in the same program as these two Canadians. Me and my friend volunteered at a local school where we taught English and organized various fun and learning events for children who attended that school. We couldn’t believe how much fun we had. Not only we saw the difference that we were making but I was so impacted by this experience that I switched my major to children psychology when we got back home. Good thing I was only a sophomore so I didn’t lose any time at all and was on track to graduate in time. So if you are thinking to volunteer abroad, I highly recommend to do it as early as possible, it just can flip your life upside down….” – Jonathan, Northwestern University

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  1. Jenny says:

    Hey, I want to volunteer abroad too, how do I apply? Do you have an online application to fill out? Please let me know



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