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Discount Cards

Discount cards go hand in hand with international student identity cards like ISIC and the rest. It is another very smart thing to do by every student since this discount card is much more powerful and useful than you might think. Of course there are much more options other than ISIC out there that you need to search for but they all work very similar to one another. It is all a difference between the discounts students get and where they can them at. One discount card can offer discounts with American Airlines and the other may offer something through Delta or both.

One thing to keep in mind is that these cards have expiration dates and requirements that you have to meet. Sometimes you have to prove that you are a student or must be under a certain age limit to be eligible. Another thing to keep in mind is that your regular college or university ID might do the same trick especially with airlines. Airlines are student friendly and a lot of them offer discounted airfare.

Along with your international student card it might be a good idea to consider getting or at least looking into getting youth travel cards. There are also a lot of them available and each one is different in various ways.

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