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Online Language Classes

online language schoolsAre you preparing for your study abroad program? Are you ready to head out soon but worried that your language skills are not strong enough? A lot of students worry about them not knowing the language, but there are many options available for you. Most likely your international program provider will provide some language classes as a part of your program. If your provider doesn’t mention anything about language classes – always ask about it! They will also offer you language classes as an additional service. All this is good, but it doesn’t prepare you before the departure which leaves more room for stress and risk of cultural shock. To help students deal with it, a lot of language schools around the world offer online language classes.

These classes are different in its nature. Some language schools like to provide personal touch and interaction so every online class is held via Skype and is taught by a real language instructor. But there is also a lot of online language classes that are delivered via software. It is a very automated lesson taught by a computer, no human interaction whatsoever. Whichever type of an online class you choose, it is up to you. We at Link To Diversity, however, suggest to participate in online language classes with a real instructor through a real language school using Skype or some other method of communication as it is more practical and useful.

Through online language classes you will prepare for your study abroad program in no time. If you choose to participate in such online courses, you will have an opportunity to learn a little bit of grammar and vocabulary, practice speaking and reading, as well as learn cultural facts from your online instructor which will help you when you arrive at your study abroad program destination. A lot of times your instructors will provide you with some learning materials that you can later use when you arrive. You can also read this learning material while you are on the airplane to prepare even more and waste no time or you can also find other ways to learn a foreign language.

The best thing is that if you want to prepare for your study abroad program you are not going to spend a fortune on it. Online language classes are not that expensive. If you find a language school that offers them online (make sure the language school is based someplace else but USA) they won’t charge you more than $20 per hour. The most common rate is about $15 per hour or sometimes it could be a specified flat rate amount. Flat rate usually ranges between $150-$300 for a week of language classes of about 2-3 hours per day.
The cheapest option for you, which is just as effective as an online class, is to look up language classes at your community center. Community centers at almost every county usually offer inexpensive language classes. They are scheduled only during a certain time of a year and are usually taught by native speakers which will help you gain more cultural insights. Your best bet is to talk to the instructor and tell him about your study abroad program. The instructor will usually be glad to help and will agree to spend more time with you. These community classes will not cost you more than $100 per week.

If you need help looking for language classes, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!


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