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How to Find Cheap Airfare?

cheap airfareHow to find cheap airfare?

When planning your Intern Abroad, Volunteer Abroad, or Study Abroad trip it is important to plan ahead of time. Airfare is one of those things where time matters a lot. The longer you wait to buy airplane tickets – the more costly your airfare can get. To avoid extra costs and stress, it is best to plan your Intern Abroad, Volunteer Abroad, or Study Abroad trip as soon as possible. It is a process and if you want to get the most out of it, plan your going abroad trip accordingly. Airfare is just one of those obstacles that, in some cases, can increase your costs, delay your trip abroad, and even cancel it! So don’t take chances, be organized! At Link To Diversity, we are dedicated to helping every student to prepare for their departure and be ready to have the best experience abroad! Below we have worked on some tips on how to choose cheap airfare:

1. Check out all of your options!
There are tons of deals out there and one might sound better than the other! So don’t panic when you see a good deal – there is always going to be something better if you have enough time before your Intern Abroad , Volunteer Abroad, or Study Abroad program start date! Check out Expedia, CheapoAir, CheapTickets, Priceline, Tavelocity, etc. – there are tons of such airfare booking websites! The more options you explore the more you know your price range. The more you know the less likely you will be able to make your decision with hesitation and stress. Be smart about it – set up alerts, monitor rates, and watch for deals!

2. Educate yourself well on when to buy airfare tickets
It is probably one of the key points when looking for a deal on airfare – knowing the right time to buy! With so many different booking sites, airlines, and trip advisors it is very easy to get confused and lost about your decision. Kayak is very good at showing you the history of airfare price and a price expectation curve which can help you predict when to buy it. Look out for such sites to help you make your decision and reduce the cost of your program abroad.

Some students and travelers wonder which day of the week is best to buy. And to be honest, we don’t know, but a lot of experts say that Wednesday is the best day to buy. Check out travelers’ blogs, Yahoo Answers, or About . com for such answers as these people are airline customers just like you. We can’t give an exact time when to buy airfare, but next points will give you a good clue about it.

3. To get cheap airfare – book ahead of time!
A lot of students plan to Intern Abroad or Volunteer Abroad during hot travel seasons which is also a hot season for airlines as more people go on vacations than during normal cycle. When you book your flight late, finding a cheap flight is less likely. If you are able to book your flight at least a couple of months prior to your program abroad start date – there are more odds that you will find a good deal on airfare. Once you reach a mark where you are one month away from your program abroad start date, the cost of your airfare most likely will start climbing up. But sometimes the odds are that you will be able to buy cheap airfare when you wait because if seats were not sold – you will be able to get a good deal on airfare!

4. Wait to buy at the very last moment!
There is probability that not all of the flight seats will be sold. Empty seats cost money to airlines as well as booking agencies. For them to save money, they are offering last minute discounts and deals on airfare to cover their costs. It doesn’t happen often, but when it happens – it often is a big money saver for your trip abroad. Our guess is – the less tourists and visitors go to your program abroad country, the more likely seats will not sell. How do you find these deals? Visit last minute airfare sites, “travel deals” sections on airlines’ websites, and talk to booking agents – they are all eager to sell you those spots!

5. Enroll and use your Sky Miles!
If you find yourself traveling a lot, enroll in Sky Miles program that is offered virtually at every airline. Get your miles on and your credits! You can apply these credits to get credits for airfare for your future flights. Don’t fly too often? Not a problem! – find out if any of your family members fly often – use their account (if possible of course) to get your Sky Miles credits. 

6. Don’t be picky and difficult!
If you are really looking to reduce costs and save on your Intern Abroad of Study Abroad trip – the last thing you want to do is be picky, demanding, and difficult! Not only you will increase your costs, you will also create lots of stress around you. So it is best to go with the flow, take it easy, and be flexible! Some of the things that can help you are: delaying your flight, changing your departure airport to a different city or location. Be easy and luck will turn your way!

7. Pick the right Airline!
Of course, it is not easy to find the right airline to buy airfare from. But, if your Study Abroad trip is in Russia, for instance, check with Russian national airlines for Air Passes and deals for travelers and students like you! A lot of national airlines want to promote their country’s tourism sector – so this is your opportunity to save! If you will use national airlines and will go to their country – they might cut you some good airfare deals, sell promotions and provide with discounts. Be sure to check this out to save on your Study Abroad trip!

8. Bought a ticket but the fare went down?
Well that’s unfortunate but there might be a way out! Some airlines want to be as customer friendly as possible so if you call them and talk to them, they might refund you the difference that you overpaid. If fares go down after you've purchased your ticket, ask for a refund! If you get a nasty customer service rep on the phone – don’t get all angry! Ask to speak with the manager and most likely you will get what you want. Say that you are a student who simply tries to Intern Abroad or Study Abroad and it is really difficult to make ends meet. It is even best if you are going on a Volunteer Abroad trip – they will feel a need to help you even more! Try it yourself – it works 50/50 of the time! It is all the matter of your negotiating skills. Desperate but saves money!

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