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Language schools

Do you desire to learn a new language or simply strengthen your existing language skills? Choose one of our many international language programs and immerse yourself in your language of choice while traveling abroad. Feel free to browse the list below or use the drop-down menu to find a learn abroad program in a country of your choice. At Link To Diversity, we assist you in finding the ideal international language program to boost your skills and give you a memorable experience. With you every step of the way, we welcome any questions you may have and would be more than happy to assist you!

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  Learn Spanish in Peru with Projects Abroad

The best way to learn or become more proficient in a language is to completely immerse yourself in it. Peru is a country rich with culture, traditions, and history which makes a perfect destination to Learn Spanish Abroad. Whether you want to improve your Spanish, learn it from scratch, or master it, Projects Abroad will help you reach your goals!

  Learn French, Arabic, or Tamazight in Morocco with Projects Abroad

If you have ever wanted to learn a foreign language or strengthen language skills you already possess, you should strongly consider language study abroad programs. Specialty language programs exist in countries all across the globe, and are offered in practically any language you want. Plus, when you choose a language program you will be completely immersed in it for the duration. There is simply no better way to learn but to go to Morocco and learn new languages!

  Learn Spanish Abroad in Bolivia with Projects Abroad

Have you always wanted to learn a new language, or simply strengthen your existing foreign language skills? Why not immerse yourself in the language through study abroad? There are countless programs around the world that specifically target language skills. If you are interested in Spanish, Bolivia is a great choice.

  Learn Spanish Abroad in Ecuador with Don Quijote

Study Spanish abroad in Ecuador and have the experience of a lifetime! Meet new people, discover a new culture and improve your Spanish by interacting with the locals on a daily basis! Ecuador has a lot to offer for students like you, come and visit this amazing country with Don Quijote!

  Learn Spanish Abroad in Dominican Republic with Don Quijote

Dominican Republic has everything you need for a perfect experience abroad while studying Spanish! Its beautiful beaches, warm and welcoming people will ensure that you have a blast! Small classes where you will have lots of one-on-one time will prove to be key in your success of mastering Spanish. Don't miss this great opportunity to study Spanish abroad in Dominican Republic!

  Learn Spanish Abroad in Cuba with Don Quijote

Cuba is a great destination for a study Spanish abroad adventure! Its mysterious nature brings people from all over the world, where you will interact with students who come from different cultures, making your experience an unforgettable one! Have fun and improve your Spanish at the same time in Cuba with Don Quijote!

  Learn Spanish Abroad in Guatemala with Don Quijote

Great place to study Spanish abroad is Antigua, Guatemala! A country where the accent is the easiest to learn and pronounce of any other Latin American country will make your experience of learning a new language much easier. With its welcoming people and beautiful landscapes, Guatemala will prove to be a great place to study Spanish!

  Learn Spanish Abroad in Argentina with Don Quijote

Study Spanish abroad in Argentina and gain lifelong memories and friendships along the way! While during your stay you will definitely improve your Spanish skills, you will also learn about a new culture, you will interact with local folks. All in all, this is a fantastic opportunity to study Spanish while discovering a new country for yourself at the same time!

  Spanish Classes in Peru with Don Quijote

Peru is a great destination for your Spanish abroad adventure! Its beautiful terrain and welcoming people will ensure that your stay there will be pleasent and full of unforgettable memories. Studying Spanish in a Peru gives you an opportunity to interact with the locals on a daily basis and learn their culture while improving your language skills!

  Learn Spanish Abroad in Costa Rica with Don Quijote

Studying Spanish abroad in Costa Rica is a great way to perfect your language skills while combining it with great fun and adventure! Its beautiful white sand beaches will provide a great environment for exploring a new culture and meeting interesting people from around the world.


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