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Providers is a place for students and individuals to find their link to our diverse world. Globalization has reached communities in every country of the world, and our economies are becoming more integrated than ever. Thus international partnerships are becoming as valuable as local partnersips. Partnerships are crucial factors for businesses to succeed because partnerships are meant to mutually benefit each party involved in a partnership. creates a link between international educators, students, and communities all over the world thus making it equally beneficial to all parties involved. Link To Diversity does not discriminate, or select its partners based on its size or monetary value. Neither do we discriminate based on the country of origin or any other ridiculous factor that can be used in partner selection. Thus partnering with us is open to any organization, individual, country, continent, globe, or even a planet.

Whether you are an international program provider; study abroad office at a university; a university without a study abroad office; NGO; church; religious network; airfare provider; travel agency; non-profit; hotel chain; high school or even an auto-body shop that wants to partner with us - Link To Diversity will carefully consider partnership with your organization and will get back to you no matter what. Promote your programs, products, or services on and help our business as well as yours.

Find your link and see it for yourself!

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