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Finding a Theater Internship Abroad in the USA

Country: USA

Program type: Intern

            Are you looking for an internship abroad in the USA?  This article can give you some tips and information about the best ways to find and qualify for an internship abroad in the USA.  One of the first things you should ask yourself if you are considering an internship abroad in the USA is what are your interests?  There are internships available that are related to just about anything that you might be interested in, from writing and photography to various technical fields. 

            Let's say you are quite interested in theater productions.  Finding an internship abroad in the USA with a production company would be a great way to break into that industry and be able to do something you are passionate about.  Majoring in Theater in college is a good path toward being able to qualify for an internship with a production company.  While you are in school, take advantage of the opportunity to network.  Attend your local theater or movie club and watch productions whenever you can to open your mind to new possibilities when it comes to theatrical productions.  You never know when you might meet somebody who can offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity to break into the industry.

            There are a number of online resources that can also help you find the right internship for you. specializes in offering “behind the scenes” jobs and internships, such as production and stage management.  Artslynx International Resources is an online directory that lists various jobs and internships in all aspects of the art field, including theater.  Although it may go without saying, living in an area that has a thriving theater industry like New York City or Los Angeles will certainly up your chances of getting an internship in theater.  Candidates who don't have to relocate will likely be given priority.  

            If you are interested in an internship abroad in the USA in the theater industry, following the tips in this article is likely to make you a competitive candidate for an internship and even a career in theater.


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