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Finding an Internship Abroad in the USA in Archaeology

Country: USA

Program type: Intern

            Are you looking for an internship abroad in the USA?  This article can give you some tips and information about the best ways to find and qualify for an internship abroad in the USA.  One of the first things you should ask yourself if you are considering an internship abroad in the USA is what are your interests?  There are internships available that are related to just about anything that you might be interested in, from writing and photography to various technical fields. 

            Let's say you are quite interested in history, and the various cultures of the past.  Finding an internship abroad in the USA in archaeology would be a great way to break into that industry and be able to do something you are passionate about.  Majoring in Archaeology, Anthropology or History in college is a good path toward being able to qualify for an internship in archaeology.  It is also usually necessary to attend a field school of some kind and participate in an archaeological excavation.  Most colleges and universities with archaeology programs offer a field school each summer.  Field schools usually offer academic credit as well as a certification that one is a competent at the basic aspects of archaeological research such as excavation and survey.  Field schools, jobs, and internships can be found quite easily using a variety of online resources such as and  As with any field, networking is important, and the more people you know in the field, the more likely you are to find the opportunity you are looking for.  Great ways to network while you are in school is by attending guest lectures on campus and joining your local anthropology club.

            Aside from education, there are other ways you can make yourself the ideal candidate for an internship in archaeology.  Volunteering at a museum is a great way to familiarize yourself with artifact curation and research.  The National Park Service often offers volunteer positions in parks related to historical preservation and research in the field.

            If you are interested in an internship abroad in the USA in archaeology following the tips in this article is likely to make you a competitive candidate for an internship and even a career in archaeology.


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