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Travel Abroad in China with Get in2 China

Country: China

Program type: Travel

Program Name: Travel Abroad in China - Travel and Volunteer with Get in2 China

Organization: Get in2 China

Description: Description: China is the oldest uninterrupted major world civilization, with records dating back over 3,500 years. This wonderful country is a land of cultural and geographic schisms offering you amazing options of travel and exploration, and volunteering. In China, you can follow the Silk Road, sail down the Yangzi River, and Explore the Dr Seuss landscape of Guangxi Province. It was only a few years ago that China was seen as a mystery to most people. Today, Chinese business, Chinese culture, and Chinese food are part of every day life. Now, the new China offers you glimpses of a growing economy, changing society, new hopes and rich past.


Day 1-2: Greetings in Shanghai

You will in China where you will be greeted and picked up by IFRE's in-country coordinator and his staff. Participants head to a hostel close to the airport where they can rest and prepare the orientation the next day. Normally, orientation begins on July 8th, allowing early-arriving participants an opportunity to explore nearby areas - observing China's local life, people, and landscapes prior to the beginning of orientation.

Day 3: Orientation, Language and Cultural Immersion Hangzhou

The Orientation (in outlying areas of Shanghai) covers TEFL methodologies in Chinese Summer Camps, practicing basic Mandarin words - greetings and daily use phrases, a question and answer session on Chinese culture and people, challenges of teaching in China, and a discussion on program itinerary. In their free time, participants can further familiarize themselves with fellow teachers from IFRE.

Day 4-5: Traveling to Summer Camp

You will then travel to your respective camp by plane, train, or bus (depending up on the location said Summer Camp). If your assignment is near Shanghai, a representative of a local host school will come to pick you up.

Day 6-26: Service project

You will work as an English teacher for a maximum of 20 days (some camps are as short as 12 days). The majority of these Camps are located along China's southeast coast, south of the Yangtze River Delta, with some camps located further north such as Inner-Mongolia, Shandong Province and so on. Based on the orientation techniques, most of the teaching will be done primarily inside classrooms. An English-speaking Chinese assistant will be assigned to participants on a daily basis to ensure successful classroom management and discipline.

After putting in hard work teaching Chinese students, participants will join a 4-day-group program exploring China's most beautiful city, Beijing. In the capital of China you will visit sites exhibiting numerous historic ruins such as the Forbidden City, and observe the ever popular Chinese acrobats in the Olympic Gym. You will also visit ancient tombs, climb the Great Wall, attend art and cultural shows, and enjoy tea in a authentic Chinese style tea-house. Detailed itineraries will be provided after completing the application process.

Day 27-30: Exploration and Travel

* Program itineraries are just samples and likely to change to meet the changes in field conditions. This itinerary will be finalized in China office during orientation.

Language Used:

  • Chinese
  • English

Cost: From Only 795 Euro/ Month (for 3 months program)

Cost Include Description:

  • Airport Pick-up/Drop off
  • Welcome package
  • Accommodation (Shared apartment) - Private apartment (1 room)/homestay + 150 Euro/month
  • Language course 2 hours/day, Mon-Fri except holidays. *General language program
  • Visas help & registration
  • Tours to famous places
  • Traveling inside the country
  • Excursions
  • Social activities
  • All study materials
  • Overall assistance with any questions

Get in2China's Mission Statement: Get in2 China is comprehensive, affordable and service-oriented company. Our mission is to help people who want to come to China by providing all the necessary information, assistance and wide-ranging services according to your needs Before and After you arrive. And No Payment in advance.

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