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Welcome to Link to Diversity. This is a place for students, teachers and individuals to find international opportunities to study, work or volunteer. We provide information about a variety of unique opportunities for volunteering overseas, international internships, teaching abroad and study abroad programs, as well as a many other work and travel, language schools and educational opportunities around the world.

Our goal is to help match individuals to the programs they are looking for. You can find information about many programs and organizations offering unique educational and volunteer opportunities. Whether you want to spend a semester abroad, summer study abroad, teach English abroad, intern abroad, or find jobs abroad, we have links to the diversity you are seeking.

Click the links to the left for information about programs to intern abroad, study abroad, volunteer abroad or find language schools and work and travel opportunities. Use the drop down menu to quickly find a program that fits your interests in the country you wish to visit. Browse our website to learn more about travel and find resources to help plan your summer study abroad or volunteering overseas opportunity. You can find information about airfare, housing, money transfers, currency rates, visa services and much more. Read our travel guides for tips about finding a place to stay, getting deals on airfare, phone service and much more. You can also find student deals and discounts to help with all aspects of your trip planning on our website.

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  Study Abroad Italian Baking and Pastry
Italy has always been a synonymous with good food and wine. The simplicity of our cuisine and especially of our sweets, breads and desserts is unique among the word cultures. Regional differences and quality ingredients make it unique, along with the mastery of our Bakers and Pasticcieri. From herb bread to festival sweets, Italian life is dominated by local specialties that mark our tradition: Easter chocolate eggs. Quaresimali cookies, zeppole, biscotti, gelato....The Baking &Pastry program is structured to give students an understanding of Italian Culture as well as the technical means to become professionals in Baking and Pastry field.
  Human Resource Internship in China

This paid internship abroad will require the intern to perform many different HR tasks and duties. These include creating and implementing a HR strategy and plan, supplying consult with respect to labor laws and benefits, managing payroll, and providing training to employers and partners to assure that practices are within the allowances specified by labor laws in different regions. The intern will also be responsible for setting up efficient channels of communication among management and partners, and use those channels to promote an efficient, effective workplace. This paid internship abroad is a great way to delve into the world of human resources, and gain skills that will make you desirable to companies everywhere.

  Intern Abroad in China - Art Seller Assistant

As an Art Seller Assistant, the intern will be responsible for many different duties. The intern will help the gallery prepare for exhibitions, which may entail dismantling the previous exhibition, sorting artwork, and tidying up the gallery. Additionally, the intern will work with the Gallery Coordinator to create appropriate signage, graphic displays, special event invitations, and advertisements. This paid internship abroad is a great way to gain experience in the field of artwork sales and learn how to manage various tasks within an art gallery.

  Teaching Abroad in Kenya

Soweto Academy is looking for international volunteers to teach traditional subjects, such as math and science, as well as any other subjects the volunteer has an interest in teaching. Volunteers are more than welcome to take charge of sports and other activities or organize playtime. You may also be asked  to perform administrative duties as needed. Contact us today to learn how you can volunteer abroad at Soweto Academy and make a lasting difference for its students and the community.

  Volunteer Abroad - Elephant Conservation in Thailand with MICATZ

Volunteer abroad to change the fate and promote the well-being of elephants in Thailand! You will get to work directly with captive elephants, provide them with quality care, and improve their living conditions. In this project you will work with about 10 elephants, although you may be surrounded by as many as two hundred elephants. Being in the middle of such a large number of these majestic creatures is a truly unique experience that you can't replicate elsewhere!

  Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain

When you study abroad in Barcelona through our program, you will be attending Barcelona International College (BIC), where you will be surrounded by your international peers. In the heart of the city, BIC is an ideal place to learn and immerse yourself in Barcelona's rich culture. The college's modern facilities create an ideal place to learn, study, and relax.

  Teaching and Caring Volunteer Abroad in Fiji with Projects Abroad

If you have the desire to make a difference in the world, teaching English abroad is a great opportunity for you. It is not only a great way help out others, but also an outstanding way to fully experience another culture. Fiji is a wonderful place to volunteer. Located in the South Pacific and surrounded by coral reefs, you are sure to enjoy your surroundings while making a positive impact on Fiji's people and communities.

  Healthcare and Medical Internship in India with Projects Abroad

Healthcare internship abroad in India will expose you to medical conditions that rarely exist in the West. This internship will equip you with a lot of different experiences and allows you to focus on just one area of study or rotate across many different departments. Apply today for the most rewarding internship in Healthcare industry!

  Diving and Marine Conservation Volunteer Work in Cambodia with Projects Abroad

Volunteer abroad in Cambodia and help preserving marine life in the Gulf of Thailand. Learn diving from top professionals and help contribute to the scientific projects, as well as participate in clean-up work on the coastline of Cambodia. This is a great volunteer project for anyone who loves the envirnoment and cares about its preservation!

  Volunteer Abroad - Community Development Project with Volunteer Maldives

If you want to make a difference in one of the most beautiful places in the world, then volunteering abroad in the Maldives is the right program for you! Work side-by-side with the locals and only one step away from the ocean and white sandy beaches!


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