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Study abroad is a great way to diversify your education, strengthen your resume, and have fun! Link To Diversity partners with a wide variety of study abroad programs providers so that you can find the program you want in a country that intrigues you. Feel free to browse our list below, or use the drop-down menu to find study abroad opportunities in a specific country. If you can't quite find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to send us an email and we will work with you to find your perfect match!

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  Study Abroad Italian Baking and Pastry
Italy has always been a synonymous with good food and wine. The simplicity of our cuisine and especially of our sweets, breads and desserts is unique among the word cultures. Regional differences and quality ingredients make it unique, along with the mastery of our Bakers and Pasticcieri. From herb bread to festival sweets, Italian life is dominated by local specialties that mark our tradition: Easter chocolate eggs. Quaresimali cookies, zeppole, biscotti, gelato....The Baking &Pastry program is structured to give students an understanding of Italian Culture as well as the technical means to become professionals in Baking and Pastry field.
  Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain

When you study abroad in Barcelona through our program, you will be attending Barcelona International College (BIC), where you will be surrounded by your international peers. In the heart of the city, BIC is an ideal place to learn and immerse yourself in Barcelona's rich culture. The college's modern facilities create an ideal place to learn, study, and relax.

  Technology Internships in China

            China is considered to be one of the worldwide leaders in technological advances, making it an ideal place to have an IT or technology internship abroad. While there, you can gain a good foundational knowledge of the technology industry and work alongside some of the industry’s top leaders.

  Study Abroad Programs n Costa Rica

Tired of bitterly cold winters and smog filled skies? Try a study abroad program in Costa Rica and experience the beauty and wonder of the natural world in ways you’ve never seen before. With rainforests, white sandy beaches, never-ending coastline, and waterfalls that you can’t believe, Costa Rica is truly paradise.

  Study Abroad Programs in Barcelona

Have you ever wanted to attend a study abroad program in one of the most international and fashionable cities in Spain? Improve your Spanish skills while you continue to work toward your degree in Barcelona.

  Study Abroad Programs in China

As one of the world’s oldest and most recognizable cultures, China has given a lot to the world. When you choose a study abroad program in China, you will get to learn all about its iconic history and be a part of its present day transition to a developed, modern county. In such a vast and varied country as China, there is something for everyone!

  Study Abroad in Costa Rica - Learn Spanish with Enforex

Study Abroad in Costa Rica with Enforex and challenge the way Spanish language is learned. While abroad in Costa Rica, you will enjoy beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and warm, welcoming people of this great country. Your Spanish courses won't be boring here, as Costa Rica is full of excitement and adventure!

  Study Abroad in Spain - Learn Spanish with Enforex

This is a great opportunity for someone with interest in a career in Spanish! Exploring unbelievable Spain while improving your Spanish language skills is a perfect way to spend a semester abroad! Full immersion into Spanish culture will help you exponentially in your Spanish language quest!

  Study Abroad in Uruguay with AUDELE

Study Abroad in Uruguay and learn Spanish! Get hands on experience by interacting with locals and other students just like you. AUDELE provides summer study abroad programs for international students from all over the world! This is a great opportunity to explore and learn more about a new culture while perfecting your Spanish!

  Study Abroad in Italy

Simultaneously fashionable and traditional, Italy blends the best of its ancient heritage with the stylish and international modern world. In such a centralized location on the Mediterranean Sea, study abroad programs in Italy offer you the opportunity to experience marvelous food, art, history, and culture all from one convenient and beautiful location!


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