Top 10 Reasons to Intern Abroad

As a modern-day student, you know how important internships are to professional development. Internships allow you to work for a limited amount of time in a field of interest, gaining valuable experience and networking as you build up your resume. There are plenty of internships available in the United States, but why limit yourself? An internship abroad can allow you to live in a different country as you gain valuable experience.

While you may accrue additional costs interning abroad, we consider it to be a worthwhile investment of your time and resources.

Below is a list of our top ten reasons of why you should choose to do an internship abroad.

10. Vast Selection

Internships abroad are becoming more common and there are now so many options from which to choose. Think New York City has a large selection of companies for which to intern? Try Madrid, Beijing, Paris, or Berlin. With so many different industries around the world, your internship abroad options will not be limited.

9. Vacation and Learn

By completing an internship abroad, you have the unique opportunity to feel like you’re on vacation as you learn. An internship will not take up all your time – and in the meantime you’ll have an extended period of time to check out new cities, cultures, and customs that you may never otherwise.

8. Create a Better Resume

With your experiences from your internship abroad listed on your resume, you become an even better potential asset to a company. You will show that you know the same skills as someone who interned for a similar position in the United States, but also something more: you will show your independence, your ability to take initiative, and your ability to dive into new situations.

7. Help Your Academics

Many internships abroad can offer transferable academic credit as you work towards your graduation. Others are run through college or university-related programs, which could also help you find other American students interning abroad.

6. Programs to Aid You in Your Search

Although some programs exist in the United States, there are also many agencies that exist specifically to help students land an internship abroad – from aiding you through the beginning search phase to the paperwork, visas, finances, and more. Most people searching in the United States for internship help cannot expect to receive quite the same amount of guidance.

5. Become a Global Citizen

We are all aware that our world is increasingly becoming more and more of a global community. What better way is there to express your participation in our connected world than through an internship abroad? With an internship abroad you can see how industries indeed surpass country boundaries and information and knowledge is spread across seas in addition to the nuts and bolts of your internship’s industry itself.

4. Professional Development

Partaking in an internship abroad allows you to acquire essential skills and experience to prepare you for an eventual career. By interning abroad, you can take professional development skills that you’ve already acquired in the United States and add to those from what you learn abroad. Who knows how other countries can help you find your personal degree of professionalism.

3. Personal Development

The vast majority of people who choose to go abroad end up coming back with a new perspective on life. If you went abroad, then you know how leaving behind everything that is familiar can teach you more about yourself. This same philosophy holds true for those who choose to take an internship abroad. Through internships abroad you are able to develop on a personal and professional level.

2. Networking

Any business professional will be quick to point out that networking is crucial to success and advancement within all industries. Networking enables you to find other people within industries that you are interested in and use your connections to help your career goals and the goals of others. By completing an internship abroad, you can gain some valuable experience networking with people internationally, which may be able to help you with both United States and international-based careers.

1. Experience

The primary reason why anyone does an internship is to gain experience in a specific industry. Whether you intern in the United States or abroad, you are gaining many of the same types of experiences. Why limit yourself to only professional experience, then, when an internship abroad offers so much more?

Those are our thoughts, but don’t just take our word for it. Participate in an internship abroad today and tell us what you think!