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At Link To Diversity, we make traveling the globe easy for you. We work with a variety of travel organizations to connect you with the international travel experience of your dreams. Choose your desired travel program from the list below, or use the drop-down menu to browse by country. If you require any assistance or can't quite find what you're looking for, send us an email and we would be more than happy to help you find your perfect overseas travel experience.

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  Travel Abroad in Brazil - Surfing Camp with Peabiru Experience

Peabiru Experience offers volunteer abroad, intern abroad, as well as adventure travel programs for individuals from all over the world! This is your opportunity to go to Brazil to surf and have more fun than you ever had!

  Safaris in Tanzania with MICATZ

If there's one thing people think about when Africa is mentioned, it's safaris. These classic African wildlife excursions get their name from the Swahili word for “journey.” When you volunteer abroad in Tanzania, your journey will be unforgettable.

  Group Travel in Tanzania with MICATZ

Volunteer work in Tanzania can be arranged for groups, including but not limited to families, school groups, college groups, and corporate groups. Group projects are designed to incorporate a variety of activities and volunteer work to encompass many aspects of Tanzania’s culture, society, and natural features. Focusing on breadth rather than depth, the two to four week long program strives to give every individual a unique experience filled with challenge, variety, and excitement.

  Safari Tours in Tanzania with MICATZ

Glorified since the days of Hemingway, the concept of a safari holds a special, mystical appeal for many. Teeming with life, Tanzania’s plains, mountains, and rivers always offer something new to see. If you plan to volunteer in Tanzania, and also wish to partake in the quintessential African wildlife excursion, now you have the opportunity to do both.

  Travel Abroad in China with Get in2 China

Travel AbroadTravel around China and Volunteer at the same time with Get in2 China this summer. Meet new people, visit places you never seen before and have a lot of fun throughout this whole journey! Combining pleasure with meaninful volunteer work abroad will bring you personal satisfaction as well!

  Travel Abroad in Beijing, China - Summer Camp with Get in2 China

Travel AbroadJourney to China has all the depth, adventure, culture and wonder you could hope for. Join us on an expedition through an ancient civilization leaping forward into the future. China is a great place to spend you summer; meeting new people, seeing amazing things that China has to offer will make this summer an unforgettable one!

  Travel Abroad in Kenya - Experience Safari with Kiboko Wilderness Adventures

Kiboko Wilderness Adventures specializes in Safaris to Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. This is a region that has an amazing safari content to offer. From the seven wonders of the world Masaai Mara, Magnificent Mountain, and white sand beaches set your mind free. Whichever safari dreams you have, you will realize them here.


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